Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nak Beli!! iPhone5.

Tapi khabar angin katanya bulan 6 ni.. iPad2 dah sampai kan?..

When will the iPhone 5 be announced?
Our best guess is that it'll be sometime this fall -- they might choose to announce it at the yearly iPod event in September, for instance, which would mean that it'd be available in time for the holidays. The iPhone 4 was announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference last June, though, so the iPhone 5 might debut at this year's WWDC ... or it might not appear until next year. Who knows?
It's possible that Apple's next big iPhone announcement will be for a 4G Verizon iPhone, instead of the iPhone 5. Networks like Verizon are rolling out super-high speed, 4G wireless infrastructure, and competitors' phones are already taking advantage of it. Don't expect Apple to lag behind them for long!
Are there any other new iPhones expected?
One persistent rumor has been that of an "iPhone Nano," a tiny iPhone with a smaller screen and far less memory. Apple's been working on a way to let you access your iTunes library online, which might let you get to your music and apps without needing the expensive flash memory chips that a regular iPhone has. That would make the iPhone Nano cheaper as well as smaller.
On the other hand, Apple normally just sells last year's model at a reduced price, for people who want a cheaper iPhone. Plus, screen resolution issues make a dramatically smaller iPhone unlikely ... so file this one under "maybe."
Will there be any surprises?
There usually are! We don't know what Apple's planning, so stay tuned to find out.
Original article by Jared Spurbeck, published on Apr 26, 2011.

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