Friday, March 11, 2011

Holiday Love with DianBizzcorner..

Hi all,
I’m in the spirit of Giving and Loving. I believe 2011 is the year we need start improving love. Love is everywhere, but this time lets Love bring you out from the Box. If you only Love yourself, try to take a step ahead by loving close people around you, your family, your parents and relatives. If your Love restricted among family, lets spread it to a people around us, to friends, to colleague or maybe to people we hardly known, people who we don’t know at all, people who maybe sat near us inside the train on the way to work, or people who rub shoulder with us in the supermarket, but most important is being able to give it to someone that need love more than anything in the world. Because feeling un-love and unwanted is hundred worst than feeling hunger. That’s why there’s a song lyric “When we Hungry Love will keep us alive”
Don’t get me wrong on the definition of Love. Love doesn’t mean physical contact only (if you know what I mean)..:D. Love for me is family, friends and courtesy to peoples in need. One way of expressing Love is spending time together, a Holiday, a great one!

In expressing Love to others, Dianbizzcorner collaboration with Just's shoppe decided to held a contest, Holiday Love with DianBizzcorner, to join the contest you need to:-

1. Be Dianbizzcorner & Just's shoppe follower.

2. Post an entry with the banner. In your entry, tell me about your dream Holiday not more than 10 words, with a candid picture of your pass holiday with family or loved one.

3. Banner must be place at the sidebar and linked to this entry

4. Comments this entry with your permalink.

The Grand Prize is a stay in 2 Room Apartment for 3D2N stay at A- Formosa Resort from 15th -17th April 2011. Kindly Note that the prize excludes breakfast and tickets to Entertainment Park. 15th April is Malacca Historical City day, and I guess there will be a lot of activity held in the city during the week.

** Link this banner**

2nd and 3rd prize winners will win themselves a Bag organizer sponsored by Just's shoppe. You will get a colourful and cute BO collection free...yeay3x..:D

** Colour of BO might Vary depend on Stock**

The contest will be 2 weeks, starting from 11th-31st March 2011. The Top 10 will be announced on 4th April and the Lucky winners will officially announce on 9th April 2011.


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Thank you for the promotion..:D I guess you joining, dont forget to include one candid picture of your pass holiday..tau..

Btw, I'm linking your blog to mine..hope you dont mind.